Mastering 21st Century Leadership

Leaders and their teams are experiencing unprecedented rates of change, feeling more overwhelmed and generally "in over their heads". They are facing more disruptive competition, high turnover of talent, engagement issues, relentless demands for innovation, and the pressure to achieve greater outcomes with fewer resources.

Is your leadership up to the challenge? This weekend retreat empowers leaders to thrive in the face of these increasingly complex demands.

Ready to take your leadership to the next level?

This 3-day retreat at the beachside Asilomar retreat centre in Monterrey California brings together experienced leaders from different industries, communities, and sectors looking to form a learning laboratory to deepen and revitalize their leadership practice.

By attending this retreat you and your organization will be empowered to thrive in this increasingly complex and volatile world. You will be joining a cohort of leaders committed to deep and transformative learning who share common leadership values of self-awareness, service, and collaboration toward meaningful, systemic change.

Designed around the Leadership Circle Profile - the most powerful 360 assessment for measuring leadership effectiveness - our team of experienced leadership development practitioners will walk you through facilitated group sessions, individual coaching, outdoor experiential activities, networking and shared learning, culminating in the creation of an individualized Leadership Development MAP. 

You will come away refreshed, connected, and clear about how to take your leadership to the next level and bring powerful positive change to your organization and ecosystem.

Mastering 21st Century Leadership

This transformational leadership development retreat includes...

Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment

Using the "universal model" of leadership, this comprehensive assessment tool provides powerful insights into a leader's effectiveness across 29 character competencies, and the adult cognitive development model.

3-Day Long Experiential Retreat

Beachside in Northern California, this retreat will interrupt and rewire your thought and behaviour patterns, transform your paradigms, and accelerate learning, at both the individual and collective levels.

Cohort Learning Sessions

The cohort will connect for deep learning through lectures, discussions, and activities led by our expert instructors. These masterclass sessions will model the synergy that is possible in teams, and provide a platform for contextual application.

Individual Executive Coaching

In a one-on-one executive coaching format, you will focus on your individual leadership assessment results, feedback, and the development of your growth plan. You will be equipped with a customized MAP and the tools and mindset shift to step into your next level of leadership.

Leadership Mastermind Group

The program will include a robust peer to peer learning and networking component. You will leverage the depth of expertise and knowledge of your peers through facilitated networking and group experiential learning.

Learning Integration Pathway

To deepen the transformational impact of the program, you will develop a learning integration plan to bring the core concepts and insights back into your unique professional context.

You will learn how to...


Engage complexity and uncertainty with confidence and skillfulness


Maintain consistently high levels of personal energy and vitality for sustainable results 


Innovate and collaborate in the midst of paradox and competing tensions and requirements 


Think and operate more systemically in service of your stakeholder interests 


Grow and expand your leadership capacity, for both hierarchical and networked environments


Generate fast and sustainable results in times of change 


Maximize your interpersonal effectiveness, influence, and the quality of your relationships 


Build a network of leadership colleagues to support your on-going learning and success


"When we experience the world as "too complex" we are not just experiencing the complexity of the world. We are experiencing a mismatch between the world's complexity and our own at this moment. There are only two logical ways to mend this mismatch - reduce the world's complexity, or increase our own." 

– Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey

Dates, Pricing and How to Apply

Our next session is happening on:

October 11th - 13th, 2019


Includes LCP 360 assessment, two nights accommodation and meals, individual executive coaching, group experiential learning, mastermind, etc. - over $5,000 value...

Early Bird Price - $2,295

Regular Price - $2,595

NOTE: Early Bird Registration - ENDS August 31st, 2019 (SAVE $300+)

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Created and Run By...

The "Mastering 21st Century Leadership" program has been created and will be facilitated by a powerful team of professionals from the Leadership Development Field...

Rob Sinclair

A student of the leadership and personal development game for over 20 years, Rob has spent the majority of his adult life exploring and pushing the limits of what is “possible”, for himself and others. Drawing on his diverse experience as a successful entrepreneur navigating some of the most competitive and fast changing industries (health and wellness, digital marketing, clean tech, coaching/consultancy), Rob brings a dynamic and innovative approach to developing leaders in organizations as they face today’s greatest challenges.

Rob has found his calling as a transformational team coach, leadership development specialist, and serial entrepreneur. He is certified as a Systemic Team Coach under Dr. Peter Hawkins and the Academy of Executive Coaching, as a CPCC from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) as well as a graduate of their Co-Active Leadership Program, and is a licensed practitioner of the Leadership Circle Profile, Leadership Culture Survey and the Leadership System. Rob holds black belts in multiple martial arts, is a musician, an avid reader, and a student of mindful studied at the Coaches Training Institute in San Francisco, and certified with multiple tools and trainings across North America, Rob now spends his days serving and challenging entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and high-performance teams internationally to take quantum leaps in their development, building lives of purpose, performance and impact

Vina Nadjibulla 

From a young age Vina knew that she was born to make a difference in the world. Growing up in Afghanistan she learned early on the realities of injustice, poverty and war, and set out to change it in any way she could. After completing her studies in international affairs at Columbia University, Vina joined the United Nations, returning to war zones like those of her youth to work for reconciliation, human rights and peace.

Vina’s 15 years of experience on the world stage of geopolitics and peacemaking helped her realize that the most powerful way to change the world is one person at a time. Today, Vina advises leaders and their teams to unlock their performance potential and live more purposeful, impactful and fulfilled lives. She is passionate about shifting clients’ perspectives, awakening and aligning them to their inherent gifts and purpose, and championing them into the best version of themselves. 

Vina’s diverse, multidisciplinary and multicultural background make her uniquely positioned to understanding global trends, managing competing perspectives and tackling complex and sensitive personal and organizational challenges.

Dr. Ken Otter, Ph.D.

Ken Otter has 30 years of professional experience in human and organizational development as an educator, coach and consultant, in the US and internationally. His work is grounded in his life-long inquiry on the interplay between inner and outer change and how this interplay is practiced toward individual and organizational wellbeing.

Presently, Ken is Faculty in the M.A. in Leadership Programs, coordinator of the Coaching for Organizational Learning and Change, and Co-director of The Leadership Center at Saint Mary's College. Areas of scholarship include: global leadership development, leadership coaching education, multi-stakeholder collaboration, collective creativity, and the application of lifespan and wisdom development in organizational life. 

In addition to both a M.A. and Ph.D. degree, he has been earned certificates in The Art and Practice of Leadership Development from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and in Executive and Organizational Coaching from Teacher’s College at Columbia University.

Dr. Doug Paxton, Ph.D.

Doug Paxton is a learner, educator, writer and coach who is passionate about what humanity has to learn from connecting with one another, our values, and the natural world. Doug has been working in leadership, teaching, facilitation and coaching for over thirty years within the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. He holds a BA in Economics/Government from Georgetown, an MBA from the Yale School of Management, and an Ph.D. in Transformative Learning from the California Institute of Integral Studies. His focus on leadership grew out of a lifelong passion for helping people bring more of their unique gifts and talents to their work and lives, in service of being more effective and impactful.

Currently, Doug is the Co-Director of the Saint Mary’s College Leadership Center, and faculty in the MA in Leadership program, one of the first stand-alone MA degrees devoted entirely to leadership. The central focus of his teaching includes values, ethics and sustainable organizational change. Prior to teaching, he was the founding Program Director of the Presidio Graduate School MBA in Sustainable Management, the Director of People and Organizational Development at Business for Social Responsibility and the Executive Director of Indochinese Housing Development Corporation.